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Longevity Health Facts For Healthier Life

Friday, August 16th, 2013

Longevity HealthHave you ever wondered why a lot of people die of heart attack even though they take their medicines regularly? It is undeniable that heart illnesses are accounted one of the most fatal sicknesses of all time. As a matter of fact, if we are to look into the statistics, we will realize that the number of individuals dying because of such disease is actually increasing. Because of these facts, one will ask what the secret to longevity health is. Is there any other way to stay young and healthy? Let us try to find answers to such questions.

Is lowering cholesterol beneficial or actually worthless? Based on the research that I have conducted, I have found out that lowering the level of cholesterol to below 140 is actually disadvantageous. Cholesterol is actually a pro-hormone in our body. It is responsible for the proper production of the other hormones in our body. Therefore, lack of it will result to the morbidity of the other tissues. With this fact, we can say that cholesterol must not be reduced that much, hence it must be maintained in the right level.

Longevity Health1Homocystein is one of the amino acids that are responsible for radical production. According to the studies, this is also responsible for the regulation of the cholesterol level and triglyceride level. If not monitored well, this will be directly related to cardiovascular diseases, stroke, and peripheral vascular diseases.

Have you heard of the fibrinogen? This is content in the body that, once has reached an unusually high level, can cause heart attack because fibrinogen is a clot-promoting substance in the heart.

In order to supervise the levels of the substances that I have mentioned, it is better that you eat foods that are heart-friendly. For instance, fish oil is unusually rich in omega 3. Having more of this will surely help you regulate your heart well; this will eventually result to a longer life.