Busting The Small Plate Belief To Achieve A Desirable Weight

If you think that eating in smaller plate will help you eliminate your excess weight, then you will be disappointed once you get a copy of the latest study about weight loss. According to this study, eating in smaller plates won’t help your diet and you to succeed. Yes, this is right and has been proven by this study, which we will show you the details and facts about to back up this claim.

While there are some weight loss experts who suggest that eating in small plates is an effective way in shedding excess weights, a study that has been conducted by researcher Meena Shah, a kinesiology professor at the Texas Christian University has refuted this. According to the results of the study she has conducted, there are no plate sizes and meal quantities that can determine the success of one person in the diet program he is following.

The study has also conducted a series of tests that include 10 obese women and another 10 women who have normal weights. These women have been asked to eat in varied plate sizes that range from 8.5 inch plate to 10.8 inch plate. The women were also allowed to serve themselves of the foods they want to eat until their stomachs tell them to stop.

For two days, these women did the things that are asked of them to do—alternating from small plates to bigger ones.

The results of the study show that regardless of the size of the plate that one is using, a person still has the tendency to overeat. One is not guaranteed of a successful weight loss even if he eats in smaller plates, since the key to a successful diet is to control the amount of the calories that his body takes. By controlling the calories inside his body, he will be able to control his weight gain no matter what plate he uses.