Docs Urge Feds To Regulate ‘Toxic’ Sugar: Is It The Rightful Thing?

Docs urge feds to regulate ‘toxic’ sugar. Do you know that sugar can hurt you as much as alcohol and tobacco may do? You might say that I am exaggerating, but what I am saying is the bare truth. Through this simple post, we can get educated of the facts regarding the toxins from this sweetener.Toxic Sugar

A lot of us love sweets. Chocolates, ice creams, and cakes are just some of the comfort foods that we love indulging in. But do you know that it has adverse effect on our health?  The recent studies state that sugar can affect you as alcohol and tobacco can do. How is this possible? The fructose that the sugar contains can greatly cause high blood pressure, diabetes, and insulin resistance. Well, these diseases are no joke.

There has been a suggestion of levying more taxes on sugar, just like Toxic Sugar1with the alcohol and tobacco. In this way, the usage of sugar will be controlled. And if it will be controlled, people suffering from the disease that I have mentioned will be lessened as well. As a matter of fact, there is another suggestion of putting an age limit on the ones who can buy sodas added with sugar, 17 years old and above, they say.

This action had received a lot of questioning and controversies, actually, a lot of people and groups opposed on the said suggestion. They say that informing the manufacturing companies to watch out on sugar usage is the right action to do.

Whichever is the right thing to do, the last action depends on you. Do you think sugar can harm you? If yes, stop deal with it. But if you cannot absolutely avoid, which is the common scenario, lessening it might be the right thing to do.