Should Female Athletes Continue With Their Profession?

Female AthletesIn case you are one of the women who are involved in sports activities such as football, then there is one report that deserves your attention – female soccer players may face health problems. For sure, you will be alarmed with this study, since it is your health that is at stake here. This report is not really surprising since women are perceived to be more fragile as compared to their counterparts.

Here are some of the factors that placed the health of most female soccer players at risk:

  • One of the obvious reasons that jeopardize the health of these female athletes is due to the intense training that they perform every day. Just like what has been said, women are much fragile and sensitive in contrast with men, which only means that their stamina and endurance are questioned when it comes to enduring the intense workouts that every athlete must undergo each day.
  • Another factor that put the health of female soccer athletes on the dangerous level is due to their irregular menstruation, which does not only affect their performance but as well as their bodies’ Female Athletes1condition.
  • Stress fractures are also included in the factors that are too risky for every female athlete since their bodies are not programmed for this kind of situation. Unlike male soccer players, you cannot expect women to face this situation in the same manners that most men do.
  • The stress fractures are the small cracks in the bones which are commonly caused by engaging in an intense activity or workout. Overusing of muscles is also another factor that can result to stress fracture, which is very common for every athlete to experience.

After providing you the different risks that female soccer players face, it will be sufficient for you to make your decision whether you will still pursue your career in this field or turn your attention to other direction.