The Area Wherein Barbie Has Lost Her Magic Touch

BarbieOne toy that is very popular not only to kids but as well to parents is the one that is created by the Mattel toys company—the Barbie dolls. Without a doubt, each little girl is familiar with this toy, since it is what their parents give them as a birthday present and Christmas gift to them. While there is no argument when it comes to the Barbie’s popularity as the most favorite girl’s toy, the case is different when it comes to teaching you a yoga lesson. One parent will have these words say to the manufacturer of this toy, “Sorry Yoga Barbie, there are better role models for my kids and I to get into shape.”

One of the latest offering from the Mattel Company is the “I Can Be..Barbie, which serves as a yoga instructress. This toy Barbie1is marketed to be a perfect tool in the promotion of the physical activities to the young girls of this generation. The concept of the Barbie with her almost perfect shaped body will be a perfect model to the girls who want to stay in shape. However, most toys and fitness reviews have views exactly opposite on it. While Barbie is without a doubt one of the most popular toys worldwide, it will need more than its beautiful face and perfect body to serve as a role fitness model.

Most experts have agreed that associating Barbie in various physical activities like tennis, yoga, aerobics, gymnastics and tracking field is a big blunder on the part of its manufacturer. Most people are accustomed in seeing this brand of toy to be the girly type, and signify glamorous in women’s sense. To see this toy promoting sports or yoga is something that most parents will not readily accept for their children, even if their little girls are fans of Barbie.